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“Attention my Brother and Sister Veterans!!!
If you want to get a V.A. loan or refinancing and are seeking benefits that you earned, I’m posting this to let you know about my excellent experience with Chris Wesson. I worked with Chris and his team to assist me in working with the V.A. because I was having issues due to the status of our condominium and the number of rental properties in our development. When I saw an ad for The Veterans Home Front, I called and spoke with Chris Wesson (a Marine Corps Veteran) and explained what I was trying to do. He assured me that he could help and would be honored to assist me. This was the best move I ever made. With Chris and his team’s help, I was able to get my V.A. refinancing. They walked me through the process step by step on what I needed to provide them, and they worked directly with the V.A. I can’t say how grateful my wife and I are to Chris, Eric and the rest of the team. Let them work with you to see if they can assist. CALL THEM!!!!”

– Louis F Mariano Jr

“After the elections of 2020 I figured interest rates might start to creep up as they tend to do right after elections! So with that in mind I decided I needed to re-fiance now and do a small cash out to payoff a car I had recently purchased. Chris had recently done a video call with my Veterans group at my place of employment discussing VA home loan benefits with our group so I decided to give him a call! I’m glad I did because it was just in the nick of time as rates were starting to creep up a little! I initiated my re-finance with Chris on 11/9/2020 and got mt 3% rate locked. It was smooth sailing from there on! I just needed to upload a few documents to the website, get an appraisal and termite inspection done and then it was cruise control until 1/4/21!! On 1/4/21 we closed on the re-finance as originally scheduled and a week later I paid my car off! Given the 2 major holidays in that time frame I am impressed by how quickly they were able to get this done! Great job by Chris and his whole team at Benchmark! I couldn’t have asked for an easier, smoother process! I will recommend Benchmark to all my family, friends and fellow Veterans that my be looking to re-finance their mortgage!”

– Gordon W.

“Chris recently handled a VA loan for a first time home buyer I represented. I was very impressed with how smoothly the process went, but more importantly how he kept me, the buyer and the listing agent up to date as the transaction progressed. We had clear to close two weeks before the closing date which was awesome.”

– Thomas B.

“Good service is hard to find these days, but I can say without a doubt that I had a truly outstanding experience day one working with Chris Wesson and his team at Benchmark. Being a veteran myself, I look for professionalism, service and the willingness to go above and beyond what is asked for. Chris guided me every step of the way through the home buying process and made it seamless. This was my first home, so I had a ton of questions of course and Chris was there whenever I needed him and provided me with world class service. Anyone, vet or not that is looking to buy a home, I highly recommend Chris and his team at Benchmark.”



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